Monday, December 21, 2009

Holidays are nearly here!

And I'm posting my holiday stuffs with only 3 days left before Christmas.. -.-   ... well at least I gotz mah RL shopping all done!   Did you?!?

Ok, here we go:

Holiday Kitty:  Tail & Ears *unscripted*  on sale 2 more days (untill Wed. 23rd) for $ 75 L
Very cheery and cute, and not all for Christmas time I don't think, the lights blink in different colors and the tail is white and oh so fluffy! 

Lights! Leg Tattoo:   on sale 2 more days (untill Wed. 23rd) for $ 25 L
Requested tattoo, I omited the upper since it was specific to the person I made it for.  This one is fun, with bright lights and a tangled up cord (just like in RL lol) 

Festive Piercing Set:  on sale 2 more days (untill Wed. 23rd) for $ 40 L
Bangled nose & eyebrow rings, image shows green, red and silver colors.  Silver is the default and all rings can be changed to whatever color you want with a simple edit (no scripts), so it's not just for the holiday!

And a few things from last release:

Santa's Baby:
Totally cute outfit for the holidays, sexy yet not slutty! :D   Boots are included and have resize scripts, the rest of the outfit is mod.

Winter Sweaters:
Warm up to the holidays with these cozy sweaters, 4 colors available!

That's it for now, come get yours today!
I will try to post the new stuff this weekend after the release.  Have a wonderful and save holiday to those who celebrate!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

50% off sale - TODAY IS LAST DAY

Wow I'm super late with this news, the 50% off sale has been going for 2 weeks already!  I hope you can get in there TODAY - 12/17/09 - it was supposed to end last night actually but I didn't have time to change back the prices!  SO GO THERE TODAY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE!

I had originally planned to have gift cards out tonight, but in light of the recent script limitation news, I have decided having a store full of scripted vendors is probably not the best thing to do.  I didn't like the idea of my customers having to deal with all the text and menus when they wanted to purchase something without a card anyway!  However, I will have gift certificates available at the main store and maybe a couple of remote locations, the person redeeming them can either send me a notecard with the items they would like or they can purchase and send the certificate back to me for reimbursement.  Pain in the ass I know but since my items are no trans and will remain that way, it will be great for those who would like to give out certificates as gifts.  I fear they won't be as popular as gift cards might have been, but I don't want to get my biz shut down for running too many scripts. 

I will try my hardest to post my newest stuff here tonight, I have releases from a couple weeks ago still not posted here, d'oh!