Monday, December 21, 2009

Holidays are nearly here!

And I'm posting my holiday stuffs with only 3 days left before Christmas.. -.-   ... well at least I gotz mah RL shopping all done!   Did you?!?

Ok, here we go:

Holiday Kitty:  Tail & Ears *unscripted*  on sale 2 more days (untill Wed. 23rd) for $ 75 L
Very cheery and cute, and not all for Christmas time I don't think, the lights blink in different colors and the tail is white and oh so fluffy! 

Lights! Leg Tattoo:   on sale 2 more days (untill Wed. 23rd) for $ 25 L
Requested tattoo, I omited the upper since it was specific to the person I made it for.  This one is fun, with bright lights and a tangled up cord (just like in RL lol) 

Festive Piercing Set:  on sale 2 more days (untill Wed. 23rd) for $ 40 L
Bangled nose & eyebrow rings, image shows green, red and silver colors.  Silver is the default and all rings can be changed to whatever color you want with a simple edit (no scripts), so it's not just for the holiday!

And a few things from last release:

Santa's Baby:
Totally cute outfit for the holidays, sexy yet not slutty! :D   Boots are included and have resize scripts, the rest of the outfit is mod.

Winter Sweaters:
Warm up to the holidays with these cozy sweaters, 4 colors available!

That's it for now, come get yours today!
I will try to post the new stuff this weekend after the release.  Have a wonderful and save holiday to those who celebrate!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

50% off sale - TODAY IS LAST DAY

Wow I'm super late with this news, the 50% off sale has been going for 2 weeks already!  I hope you can get in there TODAY - 12/17/09 - it was supposed to end last night actually but I didn't have time to change back the prices!  SO GO THERE TODAY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE!

I had originally planned to have gift cards out tonight, but in light of the recent script limitation news, I have decided having a store full of scripted vendors is probably not the best thing to do.  I didn't like the idea of my customers having to deal with all the text and menus when they wanted to purchase something without a card anyway!  However, I will have gift certificates available at the main store and maybe a couple of remote locations, the person redeeming them can either send me a notecard with the items they would like or they can purchase and send the certificate back to me for reimbursement.  Pain in the ass I know but since my items are no trans and will remain that way, it will be great for those who would like to give out certificates as gifts.  I fear they won't be as popular as gift cards might have been, but I don't want to get my biz shut down for running too many scripts. 

I will try my hardest to post my newest stuff here tonight, I have releases from a couple weeks ago still not posted here, d'oh! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Better late than never!

RL is keeping me way to busy so these posts just keep getting later and later! There is still time though, the new Autumn dresses are still on sale for only $100 L through Friday 11/27/09.
5 colors as shown here, perfect for fall/winter/holiday festivities, can be dressed up or down, the tank style tops can be worn with just about anything and the pants are capri style and finished if you aren't in a skirt mood =) - Skirt and pants have a slit on the left leg for that added sexiness!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Newness! 11.8.09

No clothes this week, I've been so busy and for some reason just not into Photoshop this week, however, worked espcially hard on the prims, and hope ya like this line:

Metal / Cyber Straps!

All items sold come in either a metal version or cyber glow verison, available in 8 colors!  The cyber styles have moving textures and a few blinking parts.  My eyes need a break though so next week we'll have clothes, LOL. 

BOOTS - this is a first for Kaotik Kreations.  I do not do sculptie things yet so these boots may seem quite a bit untraditional but I lubz 'em and hopefully you will too!  I think this style best fits our neko friends out there, so the other items in this line are also neko related. 

ARM STRAPS - full set of armbands, upper and lower.  Black fingerless gloves are included!  Special thanks to my sales associate Amilla for modeling the Metal Arm Straps!

TAIL & EARS - OMG these are cute, I can't take them off since I made them!  The tail has some spikes and the very base has a twitch/wag script so you can make your tail frisky, active, tired, etc.  The ears have spikes on the side.. so cute, a couple of them blink on the cyber version. 

Purple shown here - 7 other colors available at the main store

FULL SET - For those who want it all!  Boots, armstraps w/gloves, tail and ears all included in this set!  Reg price is $ 550  (100 L off the individial sold price) but these are on sale for $ 275 L until end of day Friday November 13th.. hurry in ^^

Pink shown here - 7 other colors available at the main store

So that's it for this week, stay tuned!  Come get yours today!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Release Day 10.31.09

Yes I'm posting this 2 whole days after halloween and have already taken down most of the items I put out for the occassion!  However, if interested you can still purchase the new items: Halloween Kitty for $ 100 L or the Orange only Rings & Things Wristbands for just $ 50 L in the store until Wednesday.  The Halloween Stomach Tat, Blood Doll - Halloween Dress, Halloween Ho, and Witchy Woman are still available on xstreet and will stay there.  One new outfit from Saturday's release is not Halloween related and will remain in the store, come check it out!  Right now it's half off.. only $ 200 L until Wednesday night 11.4.09. 

This item includes solid and sheer options, each on 2 layers:  bra, shorts, top, pants:  16 layers total with all the options.  Also includes the whip belt, wristbands, and a collar! (unscripted).  Perfect for those daring club events, or for your bedroom... rawr!! 

Here are the last 2 remaining Halloween items that can be purchased in the store:

I wanted this to be a unisex item, so I've included one female tank and one male tank.  That way which ever sex buys the item, they can transfer the tank that is made for the opposite sex, instead of just deleting it.  Black jeans, neko ears and neko tail (with menu driven script) is included as well. 

Speaking of the Rings & Things Wristbands, I had originally made them with pink spikes, etc.  Not a real good way to market something as a unisex item, even though they were full mod, lmao!  Who the heck wants to sit there and select 50 prims or whatever to change the color?  So I've done it for you with a mind boggling and tedious script I picked up.  My color change script and resize script were fighting with each other so I went and bought one that does both, including texture selections.  So the Rings & Things are back on the wall, better than ever.  Now you can chose from 12 colors by a couple of clicks, resize it and select from 3 textures.  This also has an animated texture on the spikes, so they look really cool!  I would love for you to come on in and check them out.  For as long as prim space permits, I'll leave a live model of it out near the sale box.  No these are not on sale for $ 50 L like the orange only ones, but for all the work I've put into these, I think they are reasonably priced at $ 150 L.  

Come get yours today!

Monday, October 26, 2009

3 weeks of new releases!

Wow so it seems I suck at keeping this updated too!  Oh well, better late than never!  Still gotta do a post on older items that are still available in the shop!

So here's the new shit from release dates 10.03.09, 10.17.09 and 10.24.09:  (pics below descriptions)

Flight Tribals - 90 L (half off (45 L) until Wed. 10/28
Upper tat, unisex, 2 variations: one black and one light gray that can be tinted

Halloween Ho - 50 L (currently in MM board until Wed. 10/28)
Bright casual outfit for those smexy girls that don't want to wear a costume

His and Hers Boxers Set - 100 L (half off (50 L) until Wed. 10/28
Comes with girl's top and 2 copies of boxer shorts which are transferable

Witchy Woman - 250 L
This is a fun flirty witch type costume, comes with hat and bead necklace

Blood Doll - Halloween - 250 L
The ever popular Blood Doll dress in a bright orange velvet in the center
Also available in a solid black (released 10/17) and earlier released versions:  red, blue, purple!

Halloween Stomach Tattoo - 50 L
3 layers, and colorable!

Satin Gowns - 250 L each
Re-release of the Satin Rose gown, now available in 5 other pretty colors, great for any special occasion

Alien Tattoo - 150 L
Full body, creepy tat

3/4 Sleeve Print Tees - 80 L each
5 prints available, or get the fat pack for only 280 L

Think that's about it, lol.  Come get yours today!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few side notes...

RANDOM QUOTE:  [2:06] Dylon Revnik‧: if you need a DD in SL call Dylon Revnik he'll be your Designated Drunk :D
I would love to paste a totally crazy chat that took place between a pirate goat hoochie mama and some random pirate but not to violate TOS, let's just say there was much pirate jargon and hoochie jargon and I have to give kudos to this random pirate for keeping up with the hoooooocccchhhhiiieeeee!
Now on a serious note:
I want to give a big warm welcome to the new members of the Kaotik Kreations staff!  If you happen to wander in the store and find one of these lovely ladies, please say hello!

Ema Jayaram
Migisi Diavolo
Kit Henhouse *mah wifeyyyy* lmao
keely Rae
Kaoticbbw Zobovic

Thank you for your help girls!

*** Kaotik Kreations does have mens clothing and unisex accessories so GUYS don't be shy to apply if you like the stuff in the store and want to help out!!  Send me a notecard inworld if you are interested.

New Releases 9.26.09

RL work, SL not cooperating, release deadlines, blah blah blah... oh and my serious issue with ADD lol.. I have a lot on my plate, however, I like to deliver at least 2 new things to the SL world each week no matter what's going on though so without further ado... here's 3 new things!!

Last week I promised something for the guys.  Will be a slow process but eventually I'll get around to making more neko stuff that is unisex and other types of mens' clothes.  This week we have a nice subtely striped button up short sleeve and some laid back jeans.  This one is 60 L until sale ends on 9/30/09.  Regular price starting 10/1/09 is 125 L.

For the ladies, gotta have some luxury!  This number comes in 15 colors!  5 light, 5 mid shades and 5 dark.  2 pants layers, 3 top layers for easy mixing with other stuff in your closet!  Also 60 L until 9/30.  Regular price starting 10/1 is 100 L.

Been awhile since I released a tattoo.  When this guy who I had just met basically said my tats looked noobish I decided to rethink what I had up for sale and think about new ideas.   Actually the way he went on and on and on about some other chick's tattoo/skin shop, I have a feeling he was maybe doing some unoffical PR work for that designer, I dunno!  Anyhoo, I present to you Faded Scrolls.  This one comes with the pasties, or without them, depending on your preference and what else you are wearing on other layers.  All 3 upper layers are included, and the pasties also come on separate layers if you want to use them without the tat.  It's all tintable too!  50L until 9/30. Regular price starting 10/1 is 85 L.

So come by and get yours today!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Release 9.19.09

Well, days after I started this blog, my store was "returned" and I logged into an empty plot! None of my things ever got back to me, so took awhile to get new MM boards and a new controller to contact my subscibers! After a little digging, I guess my landlord fucked something up and was booted off the sim. The land owner had no idea who my landlord was renting too, how much he was charging, or anything else, and since I had paid the tier to the landlord, there wasn't much the owner could have done to help in that area. The landlord FINALLY contacted me 2 days later asking me to come pick out a spot on his other sim... needless to say I declined, even though I was out about 5k. I was upset at first, but in the end things happen for a reason. The sim I had been on was laggy as hell, and the landlord broke his own covenant rules about lag causing items, and when I had rented it, I asked for waterfront property and ended up getting new land sections build right in front of my store. Eh, the water was not pretty there anyway lmao. So now, I am in a much better sim, class 5 at that. Bigger space, corner lot, sooo much prettier, and a sectioned off little "island" (nicer than having some bot filled mall butt up against my shop!)

So please be sure to come check out the new store!

I built it last weekend and still slowly adding more items back in, but I'm looking at my older stuff and ready to get it on clearance soon. I'd like to save space and prims for the better things to come =)

Ok so on with the new releases!! This release is for the ladies, and for some reason I got messy with all the pink and purple lol. And for the first time ever, I am selling something nekos may like. The outfit is complete with ears, a tail, legwarmers and the big kitty paws. I tried to make boots, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to the tiny details of the prim placements. So it's something I will explore in time but for this release I just went with the kitty paws that I know a lot of neko's like to wear! The other outfit is something I'd like to do in other colors possibly soon. It has a tube top, pasties, undies, 2 lengths of shorts, 2 lengths of skirts and an open over top that looks cute over the pasties or tube top. Each piece (except prim skirts) are on 2 layers for easier dressing options.

With the big sale I'm having now until the end of September, both these outfits are only 75 L   !!!   Come get yours today =)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome to Kaotik Kreations!

First post for the shop - it's about freakin' time!! Been in business about 8 months now and finally got around to bloggin' the store!

At Kaotik Kreations you can find clothes (for girls and guys), piercings, tattoos, jewelry and cool unisex accessories like armbands, legbands and belts with spikes, chains and stuff! You will see two Midnight Mania boards here, as well as a few freebies and 30L outfits around the store!

Come check out the big SALE going on all month long!! (
Outfits with prims = 75 L
Without prims = 60 L (except guy's charity item)
Tops/shirts = 50 L
Jeans/skirts = 60-65 L
Tats/piercings = 50 L
Accessories = 55-75 L
Jewelry = 60-75 L
Fat Packs = 100-150 L
(that's right.. only fat packs are over 75L and none of them are more than 150L !!)

TWISTED HUNT - Fall 2009 "Nightmares" is in full swing now, come by the shop to get your starting location! I have seen some of the freakin' awesome gifts for this hunt and I am so impressed. Also, the hunt is well organzized, doesn't seem to be a heap of problems and the organizers are on top of thier shit! So would like to say a big thanks to Vasha Martinek and Dysturbed Sin of +DV8+ and all the wonderful people who made this happen.

I definately plan to participate in this whenever it rolls around, and it's inspired me to get crackin' on some more gothy items for the shop that I have been wanting to work on! Since I have the pics posted on flickr already, I suppose there's no harm in posting the hunt gift pics here too, but I definately encourage you to do the hunt, there is some really really great stuff out there! Check out Fashion Feed's "Are You Twisted?" pieces written by Belle Morte to see some of the best this Twisted Hunt has to offer!!

WEAR GREY FOR A DAY event is also found at Kaotik Kreations! I have made a cute grey skirt outfit for the ladies, all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, and also going to the charity is 50% of the proceeds for the guy's grey tank and jeans (pics above, each item just 75L). Come by to get yours and be sure to wear your grey on September 18th!! This event was organized to raise awareness for brain cancer, your support is greatly appreciated, and thank you so much to Sanura Snowpaw and others who put all this together!

That is about it for today, I will do a new post when I have a new release, most likely tomorrow or Monday. Most releases are done on Saturdays, however, I just had new release day last Tuesday to kick off the new month and the hunt! Stay tuned!