Sunday, January 10, 2010

New stuffs as of 1/8/10


Not much newness over the last few weeks, been a lot going on in RL... so 2 new items for you this week and hopefully more next week!

I am terrible with naming items so why the heck not name this one after me! The first of a line of tats, I love drawing stuff like this so be prepared for lots more to come!

3 shades (light, med, dark), 3 upper layers each, 2 lower, UNISEX, however pasties are included for the ladies, on 3 layers!  75 L at main store thru 1/13, then will be 150 L.

6 colors included *each outfit boxed in each color* - multiple layers, skirt, pants, shorts, 2 style of tops and all modify so you can create your own colors too!  Bullet armband, dagger thighstrap and combat boots (a pair with each outfit with corresponding color of laces) included!  Every piece is mod for any necessary adjustments. No longer on sale for half off, but reduced price at main store thru 1/13 for 350 L at main store thru 1/13, then will be 500 L.
Come get yours today!