Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Release Day 10.31.09

Yes I'm posting this 2 whole days after halloween and have already taken down most of the items I put out for the occassion!  However, if interested you can still purchase the new items: Halloween Kitty for $ 100 L or the Orange only Rings & Things Wristbands for just $ 50 L in the store until Wednesday.  The Halloween Stomach Tat, Blood Doll - Halloween Dress, Halloween Ho, and Witchy Woman are still available on xstreet and will stay there.  One new outfit from Saturday's release is not Halloween related and will remain in the store, come check it out!  Right now it's half off.. only $ 200 L until Wednesday night 11.4.09. 

This item includes solid and sheer options, each on 2 layers:  bra, shorts, top, pants:  16 layers total with all the options.  Also includes the whip belt, wristbands, and a collar! (unscripted).  Perfect for those daring club events, or for your bedroom... rawr!! 

Here are the last 2 remaining Halloween items that can be purchased in the store:

I wanted this to be a unisex item, so I've included one female tank and one male tank.  That way which ever sex buys the item, they can transfer the tank that is made for the opposite sex, instead of just deleting it.  Black jeans, neko ears and neko tail (with menu driven script) is included as well. 

Speaking of the Rings & Things Wristbands, I had originally made them with pink spikes, etc.  Not a real good way to market something as a unisex item, even though they were full mod, lmao!  Who the heck wants to sit there and select 50 prims or whatever to change the color?  So I've done it for you with a mind boggling and tedious script I picked up.  My color change script and resize script were fighting with each other so I went and bought one that does both, including texture selections.  So the Rings & Things are back on the wall, better than ever.  Now you can chose from 12 colors by a couple of clicks, resize it and select from 3 textures.  This also has an animated texture on the spikes, so they look really cool!  I would love for you to come on in and check them out.  For as long as prim space permits, I'll leave a live model of it out near the sale box.  No these are not on sale for $ 50 L like the orange only ones, but for all the work I've put into these, I think they are reasonably priced at $ 150 L.  

Come get yours today!

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