Monday, November 9, 2009

Newness! 11.8.09

No clothes this week, I've been so busy and for some reason just not into Photoshop this week, however, worked espcially hard on the prims, and hope ya like this line:

Metal / Cyber Straps!

All items sold come in either a metal version or cyber glow verison, available in 8 colors!  The cyber styles have moving textures and a few blinking parts.  My eyes need a break though so next week we'll have clothes, LOL. 

BOOTS - this is a first for Kaotik Kreations.  I do not do sculptie things yet so these boots may seem quite a bit untraditional but I lubz 'em and hopefully you will too!  I think this style best fits our neko friends out there, so the other items in this line are also neko related. 

ARM STRAPS - full set of armbands, upper and lower.  Black fingerless gloves are included!  Special thanks to my sales associate Amilla for modeling the Metal Arm Straps!

TAIL & EARS - OMG these are cute, I can't take them off since I made them!  The tail has some spikes and the very base has a twitch/wag script so you can make your tail frisky, active, tired, etc.  The ears have spikes on the side.. so cute, a couple of them blink on the cyber version. 

Purple shown here - 7 other colors available at the main store

FULL SET - For those who want it all!  Boots, armstraps w/gloves, tail and ears all included in this set!  Reg price is $ 550  (100 L off the individial sold price) but these are on sale for $ 275 L until end of day Friday November 13th.. hurry in ^^

Pink shown here - 7 other colors available at the main store

So that's it for this week, stay tuned!  Come get yours today!

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