Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few side notes...

RANDOM QUOTE:  [2:06] Dylon Revnik‧: if you need a DD in SL call Dylon Revnik he'll be your Designated Drunk :D
I would love to paste a totally crazy chat that took place between a pirate goat hoochie mama and some random pirate but not to violate TOS, let's just say there was much pirate jargon and hoochie jargon and I have to give kudos to this random pirate for keeping up with the hoooooocccchhhhiiieeeee!
Now on a serious note:
I want to give a big warm welcome to the new members of the Kaotik Kreations staff!  If you happen to wander in the store and find one of these lovely ladies, please say hello!

Ema Jayaram
Migisi Diavolo
Kit Henhouse *mah wifeyyyy* lmao
keely Rae
Kaoticbbw Zobovic

Thank you for your help girls!

*** Kaotik Kreations does have mens clothing and unisex accessories so GUYS don't be shy to apply if you like the stuff in the store and want to help out!!  Send me a notecard inworld if you are interested.

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