Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome to Kaotik Kreations!

First post for the shop - it's about freakin' time!! Been in business about 8 months now and finally got around to bloggin' the store!

At Kaotik Kreations you can find clothes (for girls and guys), piercings, tattoos, jewelry and cool unisex accessories like armbands, legbands and belts with spikes, chains and stuff! You will see two Midnight Mania boards here, as well as a few freebies and 30L outfits around the store!

Come check out the big SALE going on all month long!! (
Outfits with prims = 75 L
Without prims = 60 L (except guy's charity item)
Tops/shirts = 50 L
Jeans/skirts = 60-65 L
Tats/piercings = 50 L
Accessories = 55-75 L
Jewelry = 60-75 L
Fat Packs = 100-150 L
(that's right.. only fat packs are over 75L and none of them are more than 150L !!)

TWISTED HUNT - Fall 2009 "Nightmares" is in full swing now, come by the shop to get your starting location! I have seen some of the freakin' awesome gifts for this hunt and I am so impressed. Also, the hunt is well organzized, doesn't seem to be a heap of problems and the organizers are on top of thier shit! So would like to say a big thanks to Vasha Martinek and Dysturbed Sin of +DV8+ and all the wonderful people who made this happen.

I definately plan to participate in this whenever it rolls around, and it's inspired me to get crackin' on some more gothy items for the shop that I have been wanting to work on! Since I have the pics posted on flickr already, I suppose there's no harm in posting the hunt gift pics here too, but I definately encourage you to do the hunt, there is some really really great stuff out there! Check out Fashion Feed's "Are You Twisted?" pieces written by Belle Morte to see some of the best this Twisted Hunt has to offer!!

WEAR GREY FOR A DAY event is also found at Kaotik Kreations! I have made a cute grey skirt outfit for the ladies, all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, and also going to the charity is 50% of the proceeds for the guy's grey tank and jeans (pics above, each item just 75L). Come by to get yours and be sure to wear your grey on September 18th!! This event was organized to raise awareness for brain cancer, your support is greatly appreciated, and thank you so much to Sanura Snowpaw and others who put all this together!

That is about it for today, I will do a new post when I have a new release, most likely tomorrow or Monday. Most releases are done on Saturdays, however, I just had new release day last Tuesday to kick off the new month and the hunt! Stay tuned!

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