Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Release 9.19.09

Well, days after I started this blog, my store was "returned" and I logged into an empty plot! None of my things ever got back to me, so took awhile to get new MM boards and a new controller to contact my subscibers! After a little digging, I guess my landlord fucked something up and was booted off the sim. The land owner had no idea who my landlord was renting too, how much he was charging, or anything else, and since I had paid the tier to the landlord, there wasn't much the owner could have done to help in that area. The landlord FINALLY contacted me 2 days later asking me to come pick out a spot on his other sim... needless to say I declined, even though I was out about 5k. I was upset at first, but in the end things happen for a reason. The sim I had been on was laggy as hell, and the landlord broke his own covenant rules about lag causing items, and when I had rented it, I asked for waterfront property and ended up getting new land sections build right in front of my store. Eh, the water was not pretty there anyway lmao. So now, I am in a much better sim, class 5 at that. Bigger space, corner lot, sooo much prettier, and a sectioned off little "island" (nicer than having some bot filled mall butt up against my shop!)

So please be sure to come check out the new store!

I built it last weekend and still slowly adding more items back in, but I'm looking at my older stuff and ready to get it on clearance soon. I'd like to save space and prims for the better things to come =)

Ok so on with the new releases!! This release is for the ladies, and for some reason I got messy with all the pink and purple lol. And for the first time ever, I am selling something nekos may like. The outfit is complete with ears, a tail, legwarmers and the big kitty paws. I tried to make boots, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to the tiny details of the prim placements. So it's something I will explore in time but for this release I just went with the kitty paws that I know a lot of neko's like to wear! The other outfit is something I'd like to do in other colors possibly soon. It has a tube top, pasties, undies, 2 lengths of shorts, 2 lengths of skirts and an open over top that looks cute over the pasties or tube top. Each piece (except prim skirts) are on 2 layers for easier dressing options.

With the big sale I'm having now until the end of September, both these outfits are only 75 L   !!!   Come get yours today =)

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