Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Releases 9.26.09

RL work, SL not cooperating, release deadlines, blah blah blah... oh and my serious issue with ADD lol.. I have a lot on my plate, however, I like to deliver at least 2 new things to the SL world each week no matter what's going on though so without further ado... here's 3 new things!!

Last week I promised something for the guys.  Will be a slow process but eventually I'll get around to making more neko stuff that is unisex and other types of mens' clothes.  This week we have a nice subtely striped button up short sleeve and some laid back jeans.  This one is 60 L until sale ends on 9/30/09.  Regular price starting 10/1/09 is 125 L.

For the ladies, gotta have some luxury!  This number comes in 15 colors!  5 light, 5 mid shades and 5 dark.  2 pants layers, 3 top layers for easy mixing with other stuff in your closet!  Also 60 L until 9/30.  Regular price starting 10/1 is 100 L.

Been awhile since I released a tattoo.  When this guy who I had just met basically said my tats looked noobish I decided to rethink what I had up for sale and think about new ideas.   Actually the way he went on and on and on about some other chick's tattoo/skin shop, I have a feeling he was maybe doing some unoffical PR work for that designer, I dunno!  Anyhoo, I present to you Faded Scrolls.  This one comes with the pasties, or without them, depending on your preference and what else you are wearing on other layers.  All 3 upper layers are included, and the pasties also come on separate layers if you want to use them without the tat.  It's all tintable too!  50L until 9/30. Regular price starting 10/1 is 85 L.

So come by and get yours today!

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